Borinquen Dance Theatre dancers have performed at:

  • Birthday parties/Quinceañeros
  • Black History Month events
  • Corporate Galas/Fundraisers for community organizations
  • Funerals or memorial services
  • Hispanic Heritage Month events
  • Local festivals including The Puerto Rican, Pride and Fringe Festivals
  • Mayoral Inauguration galas at City Hall and other local and state events
  • Multicultural gatherings at area colleges
  • Weddings/Anniversary parties

Process begins by filling out “Schedule a Performance” form.  Information on an event must be included with scheduling inquiries and must meet criteria established by BDT

Performance venue requirements include:
  • Minimum 24×24 hardwood floor with no carpeting
  • Sound equipment to play CD or accommodate live musicians
  • Tent or room, near stage, for dancer preparation/costume changes
  •  Water to be provided for dancers
Cost of a performance? Fees are based on:
  • Type of event
  • Public or private venue
  • Transportation costs for company to the event
  • Specific performance fee information is available by contacting the BDT office at 585-263-2623 or send an email to Borinquen Dance Theatre